FundForth VAT experts have over 20 years of experience in the field of financial solutions, and we can conduct a VAT impact assessment of your business efficiently. Based on the assessment, we will help you to structure your business to be more financially strong with the industry parameters. Tax-efficient restructuring is done by taking into account the utilization and refund of input VAT and always in accordance with the requirements of Federal Tax Authorities (FTA)

VAT Consultancy Services

In today’s VAT incorporated economy, every company needs to determine the effect of VAT on all areas of operation. This influence can be understood through a detail-oriented analysis of activities of the company, from primary input all the way to final output. VAT experts will be able to evaluate the financial structure of the business and determine the effect of VAT in the UAE on their business practices. Financial experts will be able to assist companies to conduct VAT based transactions in the most efficient manner.

How to be VAT ready in UAE

Our team of tax specialists at Fundforth Financial Solutions can help to structure transactions and filing processes efficiently. Our main aim is to ensure that our clients do not incur any penalties from VAT compliance issues. We will help you to determine the VAT related financial challenges within your business that may be hindering the implementation of VAT in the most effective manner. With our VAT consultants, who are experienced in the financial services arena, we will be able to keep your business always updated on the latest developments in the field of VAT laws in the UAE

VAT Advisory & Implementation

Fundforth VAT consultants can help you to efficiently organize and set up accounting systems and implementation of VAT rules
For small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s), we can assist your business with the implementation of VAT in the following manner:
• Registration of VAT in a fast and efficient manner
• Identify and analyse the impact of VAT on your business functions
• Take care of VAT accounting requirements
• Preparation and filing of VAT returns
• Assist with claiming VAT refunds


Is there any separate treatment of VAT for free zone companies?

The FTA has issued a list of Designated Zones in the UAE, and only the free zones that are announced as Designated Zones shall follow special provisions, as published by the FTA. A Designated Zone has special treatment for supply of goods, for instance, supply of goods within a Designated Zone shall be treated as out of scope – with no VAT applicable. But services supplied by Designated Zone companies are in the same line as for Mainland Companies, and shall follow the same rules as applicable for a Mainland Company, i.e., normally taxed at 5% unless exempt or zero-rated.

What is the deadline for VAT return filing and payment? Are the dates for payment and return different?

The deadlines for VAT return filing and payment are specified in the TRN Certificate, and these are either monthly or quarterly based. The due date for submission of VAT return and payment of due tax is the 28th day after the tax period closing (monthly or quarterly).

Does one need to keep mandatory books of account for VAT?

Yes, a registrant has to keep relevant books of accounts and records, as specified by the VAT Law. And these should be kept for a period ranging from 5-15 years.

What do you mean by the recipient of goods?

Recipient of goods refers to a person or business entity to whom goods are supplied or who imports.

What is tax evasion?

Tax evasion is an illegal practice of lowering the amount of tax due to the federal authority.

What is recoverable tax?

It states that the tax amount that has been paid by a taxpayer can be repaid by the authority to the provisions of the decree-law.

What is the tax credit note?

A tax-credit note is a document that is issued by a supplier to its customers stating a deduction on the original price in respect of the goods or services supplied.

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