Types of Companies in United Arab Emirates

Business formations are divided into the following types:
• Sole Proprietorships
• Partnerships
• Companies in Dubai

There are pros and cons for each type. It is notices that most people prefer to operate as a company. The reason of this choice is that a company is recognized as a separate legal entity from the owners. This means that the shareholders are only personality liable for the company’s liabilities to the extent of their ownership of the company.

How Fundforth can help in Business Setup?

FundForth can guide you through the complete process of how to start a business in UAE free zone. We will do the mapping to understand your need and goal for set up the company as the nature of business plays a very important part in selection free zone. FundForth is very proud that they have strong and dedicated team members who are able to do any task. Our team members have long experience and exposure to different industries and are capable of working smartly to provide their best results.
“Work done with full perfection and dedication leads to the better accomplishment of the goal. No business can be run to success without a dedicated team.”
- This is the quote our dedicated team is keeping on their respective mind.

Company Formation In The UAE