In the current uncertain business scenario, it might be the best time to step back and analyse business performance before setting new goals for the upcoming year. At FundForth, we customize areas relevant to your business and provide you with a 360degree view of your business and help identify areas that may require revisiting and then re-align strategy accordingly.

Risk Evaluation
Being on the top of your business game requires you to continuously evaluate business and operational risks and so, a revisit to the core areas of risk assessment can prove to be a game-changer in the future success of your organization such as:
• Non-compliance with regulations or standards
• Risk likelihood and severity assessment
• An analysis of acceptability/unacceptability of risks assessed
• Risk mitigation measures
• Implementation of ongoing risk assessment to reflect dynamic business changes
• Reporting ongoing risk assessment effectiveness

Budgeting and Financial Mentoring
Understanding your business lies at the core of our services and employing well-versed experts from the finance industry with experience in the local market to provide you with preparation of budgets, future financial projections and financial advice for internal, external, and capital planning. Fundforth experts can help you with:
• Budgeting and financial planning according to changing business needs
• Expert assistance in raising debt finance
• Aligning annual budgets and projections in line with business strategy

Profitability runs synonymous with efficiency which comes from better planning and taking maximum advantage of the changing business landscape worldwide. At FundForth, we can assist you with:
• Strategy formation
• Identification of value-adding services
• Identification and removal of operational / system barriers to increasing future profitability
• Implementation of new systems and processes at the base level and management level

Cashflow Management
Funds are the oxygen of any organization and we, at FundForth, help you to manage and plan your organisation’s cashflows by:
• Assessing the validity of cash flow forecasts by including relevant factors of uncertainty
• Raising capital/loans
• Working Capital Management
• Investment advisory and utilization of excess funds

Employee Feedback (change management and employee relations)
Any organization is able to give its best when the employees of the organization contribute their most efficient capacity. Our experienced experts help you recognise the HR needs in line with your strategy and assist you in:
• Training and development needs
• Employee performance assessment
• Employee Feedback assessments
This will help your business save time and avoid mishaps from poor decision-making and assisting you to focus on the factors that will determine future business performance and boost profitability.

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