Corporate Finance in the United Arab Emirates

On top of all, we work closely with our clients and maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of their sensitive information by securing them on a cloud-based server that is always password encrypted. Furthermore, we at Fundforth have created a reputation in the UAE market as we have focused only on building long term client relationships rather than closing a deal whether it is in the best interest of our client.

Corporate Finance is often seen as a complex concept by most people. Essentially it is financial jargon and in reality, involves a lot of intricacies. However, it enhances the value of the business to its stakeholders and involves myriad investment decisions with the help of planned budgets and forecasts.

“Corporate financing is mainly the section of finance that deals with how companies deal with funding sources, capital structuring and investment decisions to maximize shareholder value through long term and short term financial planning and strategy implementation.”

Steps in Corporate Finance

It involves meticulous steps that focus on the plethora of activities like mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, fundraising, project finance and refinance, corporate restructuring, dividend recapitalizations, working capital management, debt and capital advisories.

There is a multitude of sources from where corporate finance can be arranged such as banks (secured and unsecured term loan or construction loan), Inter Corporate Deposits (ICDs) or loans from Non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs), private lenders, debentures (both convertible and non-convertible), investment through private equities (P/E) from new investors, returns from investment in stocks, availing credit limits (both fund-based and non-fund based like Bank Guarantees (BG)) from banks, public deposits through IPOs in case of listed companies.

Many business owners find themselves in a position where they look upon significant transactions and require assistance from professionals who are expert in this field.

We at Fundforth, have a team of dedicated professionals who are very intuitive and invest grueling working hours in handling corporate finances through all the possible mediums and assist in fulfilling their financial requirements from reputed financial institutions. By Capital Budgeting, we help them to set criteria whether to receive investment funding or whether finance that investment with equity or debt capital.

Thus, we do not only help them to arrange finances but also add value to their business by advising them to make optimum utilization of funds. Our experts have successfully assisted clients in completing their significant transactions across the Middle East and internationally.

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